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글제목  Hi , my trip happening !
글쓴이  서영태
등록일  2017-04-03 오전 11:18:44

I couldn't explaned my situation in last lesson so I decided that I explane completely and practice my English


20years ago, I took a trip to south east Korea, Pusan city and near area

That  tirp was very excited and I was very happy  

But when I arrived at train station for coming back home , I knew that I don't have  enough money  for buy train ticket  

so I bought train ticket as much as I had money

The ticket bought by me was just near my hometown , romote 1hr train time .

so I would had to pay extra charge when I would got off train at my hometown station

But I didn't have extra  money !

That time, internet bank was not exist and I had no cardit card

so I called my friend living in my hometown and asked him  to come at train station at the time , maybe midnight,  when   I would arrive  and borrow money !

When I arrived , my friend came at the station and lent me money  so I could pay extra charge and come back home.

I thanked my friend that he came at midnight!! and lent money !! 

i want to hold a our class.

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