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[9월의 베스트강사] May (Lilymay G. Lee)  
"I am very proud and happy that I became the best teacher "

May (Lilymay G. Lee)
(Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in PEHM, Minor in English, University of the Cordilleras)
sungtaelize (2013-01-06 )
no need for words -sam-
1tym4eva (2012-07-16 )
Hello May, do you remember me? I''m Kaylee! We had a lot of free talking during the class! I''''d happy to meet you again soon!
cherryko (2011-12-12 )
May is the best teacher for me. I can speak English well beacuse of her. I like her. She is very outgoing. So I''m learning English fun. I''d like to study with her steady.
[9월의 베스트강사] Jewel ( Maricel Umemiya )  
"I want to say thank you for choosing me as the best teacher. "

Jewel ( Maricel Umemiya ) (AB Mass Communication, Trinity University of Asia)
[8월의 베스트강사] Ramil (Ramil M. Tabuena )  
"Teaching for me is indeed the most noble profession"

Ramil (Ramil M. Tabuena)
(Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, University of Makati)
you0756 (2012-02-03 )
Ramil~hi! I''m julian^^ you are the best teacher^^! I was happy to study you thank you for those days! someday I hope to study you again!
ls7208 (2011-12-12 )
Rami~congratulations^^~~ I''m happy to study you.You are very kind and the best teacher!! Thank you very much
kye602 (2011-12-05 )
Congratulation :) !!! You''re the best teacher!! I''m happy to meet you in level test! I''ll hope to see you again!
[8월의 베스트강사] Christine (Christine Malusob)  

"It’s an honor to be considered for this great achievement.." 

Christine (Christine Malusob)
(B.S Hotel and Restaurant Management, Arellano University)

kjs8781 (2011-11-23 )
Thank you for your lesson every morning. Though I''''ve taked just 6 lessons I can feel it is effective to remove my anxiety speaking in English. Also, You are very kind so I can speak without anxiety. I''''ll participate in lessons actively more and more. Thank you very much.
[7월의 베스트강사] Amy (Anamie Cortez Alicante)  
“Its not only how happy I was” ….                                                                 

 Amy (Anamie Cortez Alicante) 
 BS-Biology / MAT-Biology / BSed-Mathematics
 University of the East / Jose Rizal University

kye602 (2011-12-05 )
Amy!! It''s me. Suji ~ I really happy to meet you in JC phone class. When I talk with you, I feel English is very fun. I want to call everyday and really meet you! Thank you and have a good day!
qpqp0003 (2011-11-02 )
Amy~congratulations~!! Do you know me? I''m Ji-Hye~ I study phone edition for the first time in my life. You are my first phone teacher. You are kind and humorous so i have not enough time all the time. Thank you~
anothern (2011-09-29 )
Amy~ do you remember me? I think you do thank you for having helped me a lot especially, when I felt I couldnt Just keep studying english. because.. you know... it was not easy stuff to do but you actually helped me speak out english~ best kind teacher~ and JCs good contents that makes me smile~ I hope other guys too have a chance to exprience JC contents~ thank you have a good day!!
lyki0915 (2011-09-21 )
이번달부터 떨리는 마음으로 Real Talk과정 주5회 10분과정을 하고 있습니다. Amy강사와 같이 하고 있는데요, 아주 친절하면서도, 학교 선생님 출신이라 틀린표현을 잘 수정해 주더군요. 넘 재미가 있어 10분이 늘 모자랍니다.^^ 하루하루 마음이 편해지고, 표현이 자연스러움을 느낍니다. Amy강사에게 진심으로 감사합니다. Since this month, I''''ve studied Real Talk phone-english 5times in a week for 10minutes course with embarassed feeling. I ''''m with lecturer Amy, She is so kind and fixes well my wrong expressions since she had been a school teacher. The time feels so short because it is so funny .^^ I feel it is more easy and natural to express my speaking english. Amy,I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
[7월의 베스트강사] Paulo (Paulo O. Villavicencio)  
"Having awarded as the best teacher is an honor I will always be thankful for. I owe it to all of my students.”

Paulo (Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in English Adamson University)

[6월의 베스트강사] NIKA (Alonika. F. Fragata)  
"I could not contain my happiness."

"I could not contain my happiness.

I could not find any adjective to describe what I feel. 

It seems like words are not enough to thank everyone but it is to them that I owe a lot.

I know that without their guidance and patience, I would not be able to take all the challenges as a teacher.

From the bottom of my heart, a million thanks to all of you! "  

- NIKA  (Alonika. F. Fragata) (Digital Multimedia Development and Design, Southeast Asian Institute of Computer Technology)

max7897 (2011-09-22 )
레벨테스트 해주셨던 선생님 이신데. 넘 넘 축하합니다. 선생님 수업 꼭 들어보구 싶네용~~
mrcool (2011-09-15 )
1년 넘게 전화영어를 해보고 있지만 아직까지 만나뵙지는 못한 분이네요 하지만 베스트 강사가 되신거 축하드리고 계속 많은 학생들에게 당신의 능력을 보여주세요^^ 화이팅!!!
minju123 (2011-09-02 )
축하드립니다. 수업은 들어본적 없지만 베스트강사로 뽑히신거 축하드려요. 언젠가 선생님께 수업 들어보고 싶네요.
oomidas (2011-08-31 )
예전에 저도 레벨테스트 해주셨던 선생님 이시네요.. 축하합니다. 테스트 때에도 편한 분위기로 진행해주셨습니다.
qpqp0003 (2011-08-23 )
니카 선생님 축하드려요 ㅎㅎㅎ 앞으로도 더 멋진 모습 기대할게요^^~ 화이팅화이팅~~!!!!!
yeddalki (2011-08-19 )
Nika. congratulation to you :) Come with me Do not stop OK?
chj1006 (2011-08-19 )
니카 선생님~!! 영어 못하는 저에게 항상 용기를 주시고~넘넘 감사해용~^^ 두려움만 느꼈던 영어,,,선생님으로 인해 이제 슬슬 마음의 문이 열리는것같아요~ㅎㅎ 매일 잘~부탁해요 ㅋㅋ화이팅~@
nextme (2011-08-19 )
니카 선생님, 저 레벨테스트 해주셨던 선생님 맞으시죠!?? 아,, 이 선생님이 베스트 선생님이시군요! 정말 축하드려요!!! 시간만 맞았다면 니카 선생님 수업 들을 수 있었는데 니카선생님 레벨테스트 하시는 시간에 수업을 들을 수 밖에 없어서,, 아쉽네요. Anyway, Congratulation!
wizjjjj (2011-08-19 )
nika! i know are you the best here! can''t wait to talk with u :)
[6월의 베스트강사] NICO (Nico Magsalin)  
"Being named the best teacher means a lot."  

"Being named the best teacher means a lot.

 Aside from being happy, I feel driven to enjoy my classes more with my students. 

 For me, it’s about giving all to those in my class.

 It’s not about getting the certificate. It’s rather letting out the best in every student." 

 - NICO (Nico Magsalin) (AB Sociology-Anthropology, Xavier University)

mrcool (2011-09-15 )
1년 넘게 전화영어를 해보고 있지만 아직까지 만나뵙지는 못한 분이네요 하지만 베스트 강사가 되신거 축하드리고 계속 많은 학생들에게 당신의 능력을 보여주세요^^ 화이팅!!!
crossy (2011-09-05 )
^^ 축하합니다.. 근디..우리 Tin 샘도 되게 친절하고 잘 가르쳐주시는디.. 다 좋은거 같애요..정철샘들은요
minju123 (2011-09-02 )
아직 같이 수업을 같이 해본적은 없지만,꼭 한번 같이 수업해 봤음 좋겠네요. 앞으로도 힘내서 열심히 하시길
oomidas (2011-08-31 )
베스트 강사 되신것 축하드립니다. 아직 니코선생님이랑 수업해본적은 없지만, 기회가 되면 꼭 같이 수업해 봤으면 좋겠습니다.
qpqp0003 (2011-08-23 )
니코쌤 저 전화영어 레벨테스트 해주신 쌤 맞아요??ㅎㅎ 와우 쌤 베스트 강사 되신거 축하드려요~~
mssopran (2011-08-20 )
I''ve taken your class for 10 months aleady. In the meantime you made me changing into speaking English very well. You always tech me sincerely and professionally. I realy would love to pay you a lot of compliments and thanks. -Claire who 09:15 AM ^^
onze1 (2011-08-19 )
너무나 다정하신 NICO쌤~ 언제나 잘 웃어주시고 수업도 넘넘 재밌게 해주셔서 감솨드려요~!! 수업이 매일매일 기다려져요~쌤 수업 대기한 보람도 있구요~ㅋㅋㅋ
jjh2394 (2011-08-19 )
니코 선생님 정말 영어 못하는 절 위해 배려도 많이 해주시고 재미있게 쏙쏙 들어오도록 잘 가르쳐 주셔서 너무 감사해요~ ^^ 영어가 뻥 뚫릴때까지 선생님만 믿을께요 잘 가르쳐 주세요~ 화이팅^^
nextme (2011-08-12 )
Nico teacher! Congraturations! I really love to have class with you! I always wait for the time to study English with you! You are such a good teacher to me!