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Bachelor of Computer Science, Holy Angel University
Teacher Drew is a graduate of Bachelor of Computer Science. His dream is to be a Teacher in Computer Science class who will share his knowledge to students. After graduating he was able to find a job which is quite related to his major; He worked as an Agent in Call Center Company and went to a lot of Language Training to improve his communication skills and technical skills. However this job made him tedious. He then decided to quit and find a job where he thinks he can grow his skills. He tried to find a job; luckily he was hired upon applying as an English Teacher in an International Academy. What really determined him to enter that company was, he is thinking that this could be the biggest challenge in his life. He believes that absorbing and receiving knowledge is much easier compared to passing the knowledge to someone specially being an ESL Teacher. He was eager to accept the challenge. He undergone through bunches of trainings like; Teaching methodology, grammar, training program dealing with different levels of student and etc. Today he is teaching for more than 6 years. He believes that teaching is a conviction and English should be taught in a fun and learning easy way. Now, since you are reading this why don't you give a try and enroll in our program.
Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication, Angeles University Foundation
Master of Arts major in English Teaching, Holy Angel University
Teacher Iya holds a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication with a specialization in Investigative Journalism from Angeles University Foundation - a very reputable school in the Philippines. Just to give a heads up about herself; she has been teaching ESL students for over 5 years now. This position enables her to provide students with a “head start” in mastering basic skills in English in different areas such as grammar, vocabulary, conversation and reading comprehension. She is challenged to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient. For her, teaching is not a job. It's a vocation that serves as her element. She always believes that learning should be fun. So, as a teacher, of course, she is humorous. She's been using humor for more than two years now to connect to her students. In other words, to be an excellent teacher, one must keep the students' attention without fear.

Furthermore, writes about stuff that matters and sometimes politics. She loves life and food. In addition, she has an obsessive passion for writing, romance, TV series (Suits, House of Cards, Sherlock, Gotham, you name it), her cat and adventure. She hopes to grow from her passion in writing and change the world one sentence at a time.
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English, Holy Angel University
He has been a teacher since he graduated college with a degree in Secondary Education, Major in English at a prestigious university in his province, the Holy Angel University.

He began his career as a volunteer teacher in an elementary school as his means of training. With his hard work, determination, and perseverance, he then became an official high school teacher after a year and a half with American English as his focused subject.

He wanted to expand his horizon in teaching so he became a college instructor in an institute five years after that. At that time, he had some Korean students in the evening as his part-time job. He was so interested in helping his Korean students with their studies, and because of that he became full-time online English as a Second Language teacher.

He has been teaching Koreans online at Jung Chul Phone English for almost two years now.

For him, learning is a continuous process, because of that he works and studies at the same time. He took short courses in Creative Writing and Business Correspondence at American English Skills Development Center, Inc., Makati City. This is to improve his skills in writing and to widen up his interest in business communication too-thing he can use in his job now.

As a teacher, he is very meticulous in a sense that, before he leaves a certain lesson, topic and discussion, he sees to it everything was properly explained to his students.

As a person, he likes lively and positive atmosphere. That's why he is always jolly and perky in every class he takes.

He loves teaching and he's passionate about it. He will strive hard to give his students the best they can get from a teacher like him. He will continue to share his knowledge and care for his students.
Bachelor of Elementary Education major in English, University of Davao
Teacher Nicole has been teaching online for more than 5 years now. She used to work for an American company for 2 years. Her dream is to be a pre-school teacher because she loves kids. She thinks that when you are a pre-school teacher, you will help children to start on their educational journey. Also, you will help them understand and attain the most basic and foundational academic, social and emotional concepts. Every time she sees her students learning and improving, she feels happy and further, it is such an accomplishment. As much as possible, she makes her classes fun and informative at the same time. She is very optimistic and goal oriented person. She loves shopping, reading and sleeping. Helping her students to improve is her goal. She strongly believes that when you love what you do, no matter how hard it is, it becomes easy
Bachelor of Education, Major in General Education. University of Philippines, Clark
Teacher Gary studied at University of Philippines, Clark with a degree in Teacher Education major in General Education. He pretty much chose that course due to the fact that He loves dealing with the youngsters more and is very protective with their innocence and the possibilities to aide in improving humanity through the inculcation of values and the opportunity to equip the new generation in dealing with their future circumstances. He attended seminars like American Accent Training Program and He even studied TOEIC and IELTS.

Gary is a kind of instructor who's dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all students to be successful learners. He's not easily satisfied that his student just study but deeply learns and love English. He is very interested in Music, Psychology, Art, Fashion, and helping people be the better version of themselves
Bachelor of Mass communication major in broadcasting in Laverdad College
Teacher Paulo was a broadcast journalist and now is an English Teacher. He used to work, talk with different nationalities, and shares about their thoughts. He had been in broadcast industry for more than 2 years.

Now, he is teaching both online and offline with Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese students. He had learned to deal and teach different levels and ages of students. He has learned to value his students and treat them as friends to make the class more enjoyable and warm. He makes it a rule to give quality Education and makes sure that the students will learn from his class.

He has different approach when it comes to his teaching skills and indeed it has good results. He has been teaching a lot of books like Business English books, Conversational Books, TOEIC and other books to students ranging from Elementary, Middle school, High school, University students as well as Professionals. His years of experience in teaching industry would be a great help for students to learn more about the English language. Everyone is always welcome to enter in his class to help them to hone their English skills. Come and enroll now in his class to have a nice, warm and friendly class.